Why I Purchased the Saatva Luxury Firm Mattress

This is my personal experience with saatva. As you can see, I made this blog to review the saatva mattress because I truly love it. I wrote a review that highlights the primary reasons why I chose this mattress over hundreds of other brands. This post is about why I purchased the mattress. There are a lot of saatva mattress reviews all over the net and I'm happy to see that I am not the only one satisfied with this mattress.

I am a guy that lives with my partner. One of the things that are sacred to us is our sleep time so when my previous mattress, a cheap one that I used when I was still in college, broke down, we decided that maybe it's time to buy an expensive one to experience some sort of luxury. When we searched online and looked up luxury mattresses, I was shocked. I didn't know that high end mattresses were this expensive! Around $2000-$3000 for the basic product lines of the top brands. Right then and there, my partner and I looked at each other and said, "so much for trying a luxury mattress, huh."

We gave up on looking for a luxury mattress and decided to purchase one that was around our price range which was more or less $500. I was devastated at first but since there was no time to be depressed because we had to buy one immediately, we searched around again. We took to amazon to look for a mattress that fit our budget. The mattresses there were nice and all but nothing really struck us as something that we really want. We ended the search there and decided that maybe our current bed is still good and we didn't buy anything. The next day, I had aches all over my body, specifically, my back and right then and there, I talked to my partner and said that we should really buy a new mattress. We agreed.

I went to work and during lunch time, I asked one of my co-workers if there are good mattresses that are not very pricey but are very durable and comfortable. She told me that I should take a look at the saatva mattress. She said it was very good but a little pricey. When I went home, I searched the net again and took a look at the Saatva mattress. One look at the homepage of their site and I knew that this is a luxury mattress so I had doubts if I want to continue browsing around their site because I was certain that this was going to cost an arm and a leg but since I was already there, I took a glance at their pricing and I was surprised to see a queen sized luxury mattress priced at around $900. This seriously got me thinking if I should buy this mattress even though it was over our budget.

When my partner got home, I immediately showed her the website and she was reluctant to get the mattress because as I said, it was over our budget. I tried to convince her that shelling out a little more cash is a risk that we should take this time around because this is our chance to experience a luxury mattress. She gave in and we ordered the mattress. Oh, by the way, she was convinced to buy the mattress because when we looked around the site, they had a home trial no penalty thing and that's what made her give in.

When the mattress arrived, It was huge. It was so thick that I even thought maybe there was two mattresses. When the mattress was set up, I couldn't wait to try it and it felt great. The first night was great, the second night was even better. I woke up everyday feeling refreshed and without any back pain, the same for my partner. It's the best mattress that I have ever slept on and this is why I made this review blog. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to have the feel of luxury at their home. The price is still a bit on the high end but considering that this is the best priced luxury mattress available, the price is worth it!

Saatva Mattress Reviews - The Most Affordable Luxury Mattress

First and foremost, if you are shopping for a new mattress, then the Saatva Luxury Firm should be on top of your list or at least one of your choices because of all its features that rival most mattresses that are twice or three times the price. Below is a review of the Saatva mattress that will hopefully help you decide if it is indeed the mattress that you should purchase.

First thing to consider is the price of the mattress. The twin size, which is their smallest size mattress, is priced at $599 or $749 if you order it with a foundation. The queen sized bed is priced at $899 while the king size is $1299 or $1599 with foundation. If you are a first time shopper or someone who does not really know how to choose the best package for your needs, you don't have to worry because they have an online chat support that can help you, alternatively, you can also call them anytime because their support is 24/7.

Why are the Prices Low?

The Saatva luxury firm mattress is relatively cheaper than all the mattress being sold nationwide because they are a business that operates online. This means that there are no expensive rents, no unnecessary staff, very low overhead etc. As a result, the consumers don't have to shoulder all these expenses thus making the mattress very affordable. In the case of the Saatva brand, you don't have to worry about the quality of the product just because the price is low, they are every bit as good, if not better, than any other brand. This is a high end mattress priced for all types of consumers.

Saatva Green Initiative

Saatva promotes the production of their mattress with environment and consumer friendly materials. These mattresses are hand crafted and made in America. The steels used for the inner springs are recycled, the outer layer is made up of organic cotton and the memory foam is from a safe bio based foam. Saatva prides itself in making the highest quality mattress that are affordable, comfortable and environment friendly.

Customer Support, Warranty and Overall Satisfaction

Being an online brand definitely has its advantages but there are also some disadvantage and it is a major one. You can't actually see and feel the mattress before buying so this can be a detriment. In order to deal with this setback, Saatva provides prospective buyers with the 30 day home trial without penalty. Basically, you choose the size and comfort level of the mattress, you pay for it and then, if within 30 days you are not satisfied, you can contact them and have it returned with a full refund of price of the mattress. Delivery will usually take between 2-8 days if you are near one of their manufacturing bases. If you live in a far area, you can enter your zip code before checkout to get an estimate.

Saatva offers a 15 year warranty period provided that you follow the terms as outlined on their website. For the first year, your mattress will be replaced if there are any defecst that can be traced from irresponsible workmanship. For year 2 onwards, your mattress will be repaired free of charge. If you have any specific questions about the product, you can call them or chat online on their website. The website is full of information that will help you with any inquiries.


Saatva Luxury firm mattress is truly a good mattress to own. It doesn't matter if you have the money to spend or if you are on a budget because it is very affordable with great quality. You will find that most of the reviews of the brand are positive. They are known for their top of the line product as well as their superb customer support. If you are on the market for a mattress, Saatva should definitely be number 1 on your shortlist.